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Here are archived documents prepared for negotiations and positions of participating states, organizations and corporate firms.

Final Communiqué

With the aim of addressing the above mentioned issues, the signatory bodies of the final communiqué came to agreement to support the establishment of an independent international body to support, with its own funding representation and agenda. This document represents the output of the multilateral negotiation process which was achieved as a common consensus of all negotiating parties...
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Final Draft

For the purpose of creating a functional enforcing body a certain amount of finances is going to be needed. The Forum proposes a shared input from the World Bank, that has environmental protection in its agenda, state governments and last but not least the private sector represented by the largest trans-national corporations that also take part in water pollution. 1.5% of the GDP shall be directed to the funds created by the committee by each signing member country. Furthermore a 2% of the net income by each signing TNC shall be directed to the funds created by the committee. Last but not least the World Bank will participate in 5% from its annual budget....  Read more

Draft 2

Because of poor water treatment legislation in the Third world countries and because of the insignificant power of local authorities, wastewater treatment practically does not exist. Therefore many international corporations outsource their production lines to these parts of the world in hope of reducing their costs by using the local cheap labor force and low environmental taxes and treatment costs...  Read more

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Draft 1

From a pure scientific approach water was one of the basic elements for creating life on planet Earth. Without this source evolution would not be possible. Other factors come into also into account like heat and so on. This theory is mainly based on the knowledge that planets need excessive quantities of water to create life, which is why we are the only planet with visible life on it in the entire solar system....  Read more

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