"Countries or individuals that engage in cyber-attacks should face consequences and international condemnation"
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
22th January, 2010

Global Cybersecurity

The issue of cybersecurity has been for a long time in the hands of a small group of military and computer experts on the national levels. Increasing global interdependence and growing international exchange of information led gradually to the accumulation of cyberattacks and international cyberterrorism. Ultimately, modern society became so dependent on communication systems that without any protection of cyberspace other security strategies might loose their purpose. As a matter of fact, some countries already faced serious attacks and this made cybersecurity issues even more important to discuss. Last but not least, we are convinced of cyberterrorism to be one of the greatest possible threats to the global security within forthcoming decades.

In the wake of mentioned reasons, Forum for the 21st century as an independent non-governmental organization is aware of the necessity to discuss the Global Cybersecurity topic with respective leaders of the world and reach an understanding in specified points. The representatives of broader international community will meet with the purpose of defining basic instruments and regulations that will help establish an international system with rules and commitments. We will address several important issues as legal regulation of cyberwar, forms of retaliatory actions and sanctions, official introduction of hacker armies, the role of social networks and usage of their databases and others.

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